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The dream world is a connection to the unconscious spiritual plane which consists entirely of imagery. The difference between this world in someone who is spiritually aware and someone who is not is the ability to decipher and extract meaning from your dreams.

You can also connect to your spiritual guides in dreams and a lot of the information that you need to advance spiritually can be found while you are sleeping.

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This connection to the dream world may take a little dedication, but you should ask before you go to sleep to be guided and to have visions as this will help you when you get into the dream state.

How this works is something that cannot be scientifically verified, but try to keep your mind open to the possibility that maybe your dreams are more than just your mind processing unconscious thoughts.

Meditation produces altered states of consciousness. When you are connected deeply in these states you will often receive visual guides of what you are to do next.

These visual guides can sometimes be a visual analogy, so organising your house could be interpreted as organising your mind or they can be a lot more straightforward.

There is a saying that praying is talking to god, while meditation is listening. While I am not personally religious and I am not saying that meditation is a religious experience. What I have interpreted god to be is that which you connect to through meditation and other sacred experiences. This could be any religious or non-religious beliefs that you have.

With practice meditation can becomes a visual experience which helps you to really connect intuitively and learn to decipher the visual analogies presented to you during your sessions.

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My advice for getting started would be to practice observing without worded thoughts, take a walk around the park and view everything you see as it is, not the verbal tag we have given it. Try to do this every day for the next week or so and see how you get on!

Source: Expanded Consciousness



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