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Negative entities, be they conscious or unconscious, physical or superficial, are always around us. It is inevitable that we interact with them quite often. May be even more often than we want to. An results of this interaction do affect us in various ways.

Have you ever experienced a feeling of a black hole after facing somebody? Or woke up drained of any energy and having a sensation that someone visited you during the night and took over control of your dreams?

Interaction with negative entities is inevitable and can take may forms. However, as long as we can vibrate at a higher frequency we can overpower negative influences mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

Overpowering does not mean defeating, or even feeling superior. It is a way of dealing with an obstruction and wanting your desired outcome to prevail.

The key to protection is to increase your vibrational frequency.

Entities and Ghosts

The bad news is ghosts and entities are very real. Ghosts are typically the astral impressions of a being that has not been able to pass to the beyond. Some are harmless but most have negative vibrations that keep them tied to this realm. The important thing to remember is that most ghosts or entities that are stuck in this realm have lower vibrational energy.

Some of these entities actually feed on the energy of other beings and this is what needs to be protected from. A host is usually required for this to occur. In order for someone to host an entity there must be a vibrational match and there must be holes in one’s energy field. Some people call this the aura, but really it is just the energy field around us that offers protection.

The good news is that most entities avoid beings that generate a high vibration. High vibrations build strong energy fields that protect people from harm and low vibrational entities cannot survive in the light that is produced by these higher vibrations. Things that weaken the aura and lower one’s vibrations and can lead to holes in the aura are: Anger, Fear, Selfishness, Greed, Lust, Sloth, Alcohol, Drugs, and an Impure lifestyle.

It would take a lot of healing to rid oneself of an entity attachment as the entity can blind someone from seeing that there is a problem and many addictions can form. This is a like a parasite who is feeding off of your energy.


Avoiding ghosts and entities is one way to go about protection. The key to protection is raising your vibrational frequency. Entities cannot live in the aura of high vibrational light. Love is the highest frequency and is the best way to combat low vibrations. Love can only come from the heart. Focusing love and light on an entity will allow extreme discomfort and force it to leave.

However one decides to raise the vibration is at your discretion, however here are a few suggestions:

Essential Oils. Essential Oils are a very concentrated form of a plant and have very medicinal properties and are filled with purity and light.

Energy healing. This may be used to repair holes in the energy field and raise vibrational frequencies.

Working with Colors. Purifying, healing and protecting.

Grounding Exercises.  It is important to ground yourself when dealing with low vibrational entities. Spend some time in Nature. This is very grounding and stabilizes the energy field.

Changing Lifestyle. Focus on a positive lifestyle. Limit alcohol consumption, drugs, caffeine. Increase nutrition. Increase exercise. De-clutter your surroundings. Simplify. Start doing things that feel “good” and positive.

Practicing Love. Love is the fastest way to increase vibrational frequency. Love is the highest vibration and can heal on many levels.

Source: Beyond Vibration


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