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You are not alone. Many people go through this frustration until they realize that it takes time and practice. And one more thing…

A journal. A very journal that helps you recollect what happened to you and what happened to other objects in your lucid dream – people, places, surroundings. And what you can do next time to keep the dream longer and even more realistic.

Writing down your sleep experiences will be of immense help when you want to reconstruct your sleep, get back into it and continue to explore it with control or move onto a new territory. This helped me, and this should help you!

How to Induce Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming has become immensely popular over the past few years, and for some good reasons! The idea of ‘emerging into the new paradigm’ translates into the sharing of new ideas that were once deemed too taboo. You can exist everywhere and nowhere all at once, you can experience the oneness of all that is.

There are a bunch of techniques that can help you induce this state. It’s easier for me to start lucid dreaming after I’ve fallen asleep, as to skip the sleep paralysis step.

Lay on your back and relax

Focus on your breathing and observe the darkness of your closed eyelids. For a lot of people, it isn’t just blackness they see, its endless static of energy all subtlety buzzing around. If I can focus on that without completely falling asleep, I can slip into lucid dreaming.

Sleep paralysis kicks in once I’m relaxed enough – and the feeling of it usually forces me back awake. I can feel an immense pressure in the centre of my stomach that pulls me down. It feels like there’s so much pressure I can’t breathe and I usually turn my head to the side and wake up. It’s always scary and uncomfortable – I’m still learning how to fully get through it.




Staying lucid

The one thing that brings me out of a lucid dream is doubt. If I’m flying, after awhile I’ll start to question if I can really do it. In the moment, it makes sense to manifest something to fly with that helps me, and for some reason a plastic bag does the job. It reassures me what I’m doing is possible, but if the doubt remains present then I’ve lost control. I’m scared to fall and feel pain while lucid because I don’t fully believe that I control it. A good thing to do is to spin around and take in the entirety of your surroundings. The more you see and believe it, the more your confidence will rise. I also like to look at my hands and body to confirm I’m really experiencing it – although I’ve never remembered to look at myself in the mirror.

Writing every dream down, even if its not lucid, helps you dream each night! Going over your past dreams just before you go to sleep helps refresh and focus the feeling of being lucid. When I read my old dream descriptions, a flood of memories and images come back like I had JUST had that dream. It keeps those experiences alive!

Source: The Spirit Science