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Written by Monique Mathieu

We would like that you better understand your thinking process. A thought is an energy and you must be more and more vigilant when emitting the energy of thinking.

Remember that you are at the end of a cycle, and even if you doubt or you do not feel many changes are happening within you, you have more and more the power to create with your thoughts, whether in an evolving or a devolutional way, whether in a positive or an inferior way. Thus try using the positive side of your thought strength.

When a devolutional thought occurs, try to immediately counterbalance it, i.e. project on the thought Light and Love, and ask that the thought be annihilated by that Light and Love. This action must be done instantaneously, in order to prevent the thought from slipping away. When you are creating a though, it is still close to you, so you can annihilate it.

Do the following exercise:

Emit thoughts of peace upon yourself. Tell yourself: “I am totally at peace, I am happy with this peace.”

Then project on yourself thoughts of joy. To facilitate your task, you can remember moments of joy, of happiness.

Now think: “I am a being of perfection, I am a being of Love and I radiate this perfection and Love around me.”

Then affirm that you are a particle of the Source which particle has all power, all knowledge; affirm that you have the power of Love, the power of Wisdom.

Then simply love deeply what you are as a human being, as a soul, as a perfect spirit.

Now you feel at peace and in deep relationship with your inner Divine Being, with the Source, with the whole Universe. You are part of this wonderful Universe, you are constantly connected to all life in the world and in the Universe.

Source: Ducielalaterre


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